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I work on IBM clouds all day and what they have been doing for the last several year(s) is embracing Linux, much the same way that Microsoft has been embracing Linux with containers, WSL, github, and Azure.

The first thing I thought when I read this news was - good maybe they’ll take their 360,000 employees, make them all use Linux, and as a consequence standardise a developer laptop to compete with MacBook.

The second thing I thought was - if there is 360,000 people with Linux laptops in your enterprise, what sort of creative uses could you come up with for container orchestration.

The third thing I thought was - I wonder how much they pay in Microsoft licensing per year.

IBM sold their laptop business to Lenovo years ago.

Not talking about starting a laptop business - talking about a major corporation with 360K people that are all-in on Linux. Someone needs to fulfill that hardware requirement - it doesn't have to be IBM. What does that sort of requirement do to the IT ecosystem.

And IBM shifted to use Apple Macs.

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