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Wow. Seems like HN has come the full circle with this whole "offer" thing!

If this goes on we may have to change the banner default from orange to red to indicate our new socialist leanings :)

It's really great, one week and I've seen people offering work, books, advice, copy, design, lodging and all kinds of other stuff for free or for a smile.

Makes you wonder where this will go, it definitely seems to knit the community tighter.

He's freely donating his own room. That's not socialism. Socialism would be if a group of you got together and forced this guy to "donate" his room to one of your friends while forcing the guy to keep paying the rent, then crediting yourselves with generosity and accusing the guy you're ripping off of "greed".

Actually socialism is democratic control of the means of production, and is an economy without government control. What you are thinking about is what happened in the USSR and just because the USSR propaganda agency and the US propaganda both called what happened in the USSR socialism, doesn't make it true that it is socialism. You must remember, in the 1930's being Socialist was a trendy as being Green is today, so all sorts of folks wanted to co-opt that name into their own cause.

This has nothing to do with socialism. Socialism is totalitarism and we are talking here about sharing.

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