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Yeah. I don't really "use" X, though. I don't lose any state other than browser tabs, which reload anyway (it's really just the same as switching from desktop to laptop, you want tab state synced anyway so it's a non issue I find).

Firefox and a terminal window (tmux or similar) is enough for my needs.

90% of the time (right now for example) my screen is 70% terminal and 30% browser.

I have a Linux VM for actual work that also gets GPU passthrough that I "restart" into (e.g. kill qemu1 windows, start qemu2 linux). It's sort of like dual boot except long running processes stay in the background.

You could basically think of it as the VM's being a thin client on to a server, except they're all on the same box.

The host is pretty much a hypervisor only.

I might do a write up of all of this at some point if you're interested. I kind of figure that most Linux users enjoy this sort of masochism. :)

So you do reboot.

...your Linux VM.

which means that you can't run windows and your Linux desktop at the same time.

It's an improvement, but still a dealbreaker for me personally.

Please do a write up. I've been interested in doing something like this, but it's hard to find appropriate resources to do it.

Here's a write up of a GPU passthrough solution involving two GPUs: https://medium.com/@dubistkomisch/gaming-on-arch-linux-and-w...

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