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> Was also a bit bizarre that about 6 of them came along to a meeting with 4 of us

Sounds like that's a typical mode of operation, seen that several times, too. So maybe the quality of the sales team is the variable. So if your sales team is C players, do they bring the... E? ... players to project?

It was actually quite an uncomfortable demo as when they finished they genuinely expected us to be impressed - what they had demonstrated would have taken a few moments by someone competent in SQL to duplicate.

I think they might have been used to giving demos to not technical folks rather than people who were actually fairly competent and inclined to scepticism.

I'd been putting Dell/Netapp hyperconvergence appliances into accounts for 9+ months when I wound up at an IBM dog and pony show where they demoed an early version of their own box and acted like it was the first time anyone had ever conceived of such an idea.

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