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Got the enhanced BG...but I didn't know there was an enhanced Planescape Torment, that's awesome news. That was such a favorite game. Does the enhanced release work well for you under linux? Any big breaking issues?

Not OP, but for me it works flawlessly. Load times are instant, lots of nice quality of life features.

Not tried multiplayer, but it's hard to make that worse.

Also never worked out how to mod things, but if you're just after the vanilla experience, it's very good.

Modding on linux is a little finicky. For all Beamdog's edition, I wrote a script[1] that would symlink datafiles as a lowercase version everywhere (unless they were already lowercase). After this, all WeidU mods were working okay (at least for BG I&II). I have P:TEE but never modded it however, but the process should be relatively similar.

[1]: http://pastebin.com/raw/nmkSGj0L

Another option is to setup a FUSE mount for a case-insensitive virtual FS. I remember having to do this to get Civ5 mods to work.

tolower and related things I'm comfortable with - the main question I can't answer is where do you run the weidu mod?

Sorry, indeed this can be useful to know.

You must run weidu where chitin.key is

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