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>I find myself more often just biting the bullet and re-buying some old classics when they get "Enhanced" editions (ala Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, etc)--even though I still have the original CD's kicking around--just so I get native Linux support.

I think it's a good thing to do anyways. It shows that there's a solid market interest in gaming on Linux.

That's another hidden feature of Steam/Proton:

Whichever platform you play a new game on the most during the initial two weeks after getting it will be registered as the platform you bought it for.

E.g. play a Windows-only game for two weeks using Proton and both Steam and the gamedev will see it as a Linux purchase in their stats. Meaning they get actual numbers how big their Linux demographic is.

Really? Wow. That's awesome. Of course, that's kind of unfortunate for games that don't work with Proton right now.

Does that remove the Windows purchase too? That could be seen as 2 purchases for the same game.

AFAIK it's only for new purchases. So if you've played a game for some time under Windows it won't change the stats for that game.

Are you sure about this? I would think using wine or any other emulator would show up as windows in the statistics.

The game might think it's running under Windows, but the Steam process that launched it is Linux-native.

Also, IIRC Steam under Wine was/is able to detect that it's running under Wine and thus adjust its reports accordingly.

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