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Why not just dual boot to Windows? It's going to be a better experience.

Hasn't the 2 decades old goal been to be able to run Linux without the need for owning Windows? Windows is still 89% of the desktop market. A free alternative is still a worthy goal.

I wouldn't choose Windows Home for Ruby on Rails development for the same reason that I wouldn't choose CentOS for gaming.

Because I don't want to lose my state, and I don't want to have to take ten minutes to switch to doing something useful.

I tried this for a while but I used Windows so infrequently that I was constantly interrupted by updates whenever I did boot it up.

Of all the replies to my comment, this is the only one that really makes sense to me. I have a PS4 and every time I want to play a game on it, either the PS4 needs an update or the game does or both.

Well, except for the dual booting part.

Or buy only games that have a native Linux port - which is what I do.

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