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Sweet.. haven't checked the list in a while.

I see Skyrim, right at the top. And New Vegas. Wow. Any chance Valve could offer this support for Mac as well?

As soon as someone makes them a DXMT to use instead of DXVK, I suppose. Isn't there some Rust project working on that..?

There's a VKMT. So they could double up and go DXVK -> VKMT.

Most major games still don't work. Sadly.

Take the AC series, for example: https://www.protondb.com/search?q=creed

Most of the difficulty in getting these to run circles around the uplay stuff, for example it won't even launch unless you have the Microsoft fonts installed, and then there's an outdated libgnutls library in the steam runtime that you need to workaround.

But once you do that the games actually run, I've gotten Odyssey and Unity to run and they run surprisingly well. If Valve can convince Ubisoft to at least make the launchers not be too intrusive and can solve that last 10% of the config issue then it'd be viable.

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