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http://www.mymomjust.com and http://www.mydadjust.com. Using hadoop/pig, I searched through my 620-million strong twitter archive for all tweets containing "My Mom/Dad Just....." The results are hilarious. It's just a single-page site and could be some low-hanging design fruit.

I think your site already looks quite good. Just clean up the about bar (remove underlines, vertical center text, add more space between each item)

um how? Dammit Jim I'm a data nerd, not a UI designer! This is why I threw my hat into the competition ;)

Like this? http://kruisit.nl/projects/mymomjust.png

I would also add a hover effect for the arrow and maybe some javascript to replace the page reload. Since this seems to be HN feelgood week: need a bit of help?

mydadjust.com has <title>My Mom Just...</title>

thanks! Copy/paste fail! Fixed it.

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