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Exactly. I'm not a blackhat and my only "hacking" consists of forcing myself into my own systems which I've stupidly locked myself out of, yet I've managed to do much that this plugin can do.

The most un-ethical thing I have done was to take one of the OLPC XO laptops and convert it into a MITM machine, rebroadcasting the SSID it connects to while routing and logging all traffic anyone who connects to it generates. It took a weekend to setup using pre-existing tools and scripts and can be deployed anywhere I want within 2 minutes and run for up to 6 hours hidden in the bottom of my backpack. It was a fun experiment, and surely made me more aware of just how vulnerable I was outside of my home network.

Another point of interest, this weekend I hacked on a Minecraft bot for the Alpha version. In order to understand and dissect the connection protocol I needed to recreate, I used wireshark to dump and parse how the client authenticates and connects to the server. Even that transmits your username and password in plaintext.

re: the OLPC, what were you running on it? I have one in my closet and I've been meaning to put something that isn't the stock software on there for a long time.

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