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How I made my own RFID tag [video] (youtube.com)
176 points by wallnuss 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Speaking of homemade RFID tags, a couple impressive hacks.

1. Micah Elizabeth Scott built a working RFID tag using just two parts: an ATTiny85 micro controller and a small inductor. The two leads of the inductor are soldered directly to two I/O pins of the processor.

That is the only connection to the processor. The power and ground pins are not connected. The processor gets power via leakage current from the I/O pins. It gets clocked from one of those I/O pins, too.


2. Here's another one of hers, this time with a coil made from magnet wire, and with fancier mounting. The coil, processor, and this time a couple of tuning capacitors, is squished onto duct tape and sealed with clear packing tape.


3. Trammell Hudson made use of her antenna and processor only design for a project of his, which has a pretty good write up.


The homebrew RFID tags in the articles you link to are LF (125-134 kHz) RFID tags.

The ones described in the video are UHF (860-960 MHz) RFID tags, which differ considerably in design and protocol.

Great video, and great channel. Been a fan for a while. I love how in-depth he goes on everything and how passionate he is.

Someone did purchase some ACF and can recommend a seller?

love the idea that simple curiosity leads on such a fascinating path. glad he mentioned that a few times during the video.

Also interesting is his video on the process of using YouTube Premiers with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz8UpKEhMQo

Sounds like he's connected with youtube now. I'm sure the team is checking out that feedback. So, hopefully it'll get fixed as it's bad for both content creators and viewers. The video was pretty cool. Really liked the all access "how it's made" type content. Pretty cool.

It won't revert the damage it's done already, though. Youtube, being the main source of income for so many creators, plays a dangerous game with those 'beta-tests', offering apparently not-well-tested features to the creators, playing with their revenue as a result.

It seem inevitable that YouTube will always drive creators revenue down to 'subsistence' level, where 'subsistence' is just enough to keep them making videos. From a shareholder's point of view, anything more is giving away money.

Upvoted because this sums up Silicon Valley, or capitalism.

no one apart from "game the system" type channels like those kid toy unboxing channels are using youtube as a primary source of revenue anymore.

merchandise,patreon and ad sponsorships are the only way to make an actual living with youtube

Literally in the video on which you're commenting, the creator states: "Right now, the main source of income that pays for this, is Youtube ads"

I hope that's true, as I think Patreon aligns much more closely with the creators' incentives than YouTube does.

Literally couldn’t be further from the truth.

why has this been flagged?

Possibly because of some issues with the URL and the title that have since been fixed.

I am wondering this as well.

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