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I will even admit that I have personally never experienced this problem but your original answer STILL ticked me off and I think there's a reason other than general Internet annoyance.

What I have experienced is the "Internet Interface" of ....

"Whatever the problem is, the first answer is 'it's not a priority'"

THAT needs to be tweaked. I understand prioritizing things. But we really, really, really need a way to relate to those frustrated by and reporting X that doesn't involve "answer 1: we don't care about X" because that has as it's implicit message "screw you".

Edit: Also, the original problem is something really looks like a bug to the end-user whatever is may look like the programmer. So fixing it should be "bug priority" whereas a number of the thing you mention are clearly features, look like features to the end-user and so should have "feature priority". Just consider...

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