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I recently instituted a "no domains after midnight" rule. I've dodged a few bullets with that one.

I'm sitting on a 3-month-old gem: theomnomnom.com

Purchased time: 2am.

Hilarious potential: check. Chance that I'll touch it before the renewal reminder email: 20%

Would you be willing to lease the domain to someone with a good idea?

email me andrew at aawsolutions.com

Me too. I kind of went through a "buy domains like crazy" phase a couple years ago but have since kicked the habit. Now I won't let myself buy a domain unless I have some other work done for it first. Although it only costs me $7.50 a year, the cost adds up a lot after a while.

Where do you get your domains for $7.50 a year? I remember GoDaddy used to have it that cheap but I think they've increased their prices recently, right?

They always have rotating coupons for 30% off. You can find the most up-to-date ones here: http://www.techbargains.com/vendor_detail.cfm/393/GoDaddy-co...

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