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Regarding jobs for each framework, there are far more Rails jobs than Django jobs: http://news.ycombinator.com/x?fnid=JBPFd8i2nk.

For me, I periodically use Django for content-centric sites with standard CRUD operations primarily performed by a small number of privileged users, but I prefer Rails and Sinatra for most projects. I prefer the Ruby web development ecosystem, with libraries like Haml, Sass and Compass.

Although that's true, I would guess there is possibly far more competition for those jobs from a larger quantity of Rails programmers than Django programmers.

I'm in Chicago, but also do work for Asian firms. In my admittedly completely anecdotal experience as a contractor over the past few years, I encounter PHP (which I don't work with) and Rails applications, but have never been approached for Django in my freelance work, despite telling people that I can work with both Rails and Django. I do almost no self promotion and I still have Rails contract jobs handed to me. I've been approached by non-technical people to work on Rails sites they didn't know were built on Rails and without them knowing what my exact skills were. When I meet startup people (which I do fairly regularly despite not going to meetups), they are almost always running their startups on Rails. YMMV, but this is what my experience has been.

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