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I'm not familiar with Rails, but in Django you are 100% tied to SQL databases. There are some efforts to make talk to NoSQL databases (like App Engine). Google actually gave up those efforts.

In Rails, I believe the database backend can be either. Look at Twitter - their using Cassandra.

There's no reason that you can't use another ORM/ODM/ORM-like interface, simply import it.

Cursebird (http://cursebird.com/) is powered by Mongo via MongoEngine (http://mongoengine.org/) and Redis via redis-py (http://github.com/andymccurdy/redis-py). None of the Django apps have a models module.

     Google actually gave up those efforts.
Was there ever a Django-related effort from Google to update the ORM?

Also, the Django ORM is pretty flexibile, and the architecture just got improvements for NoSQL in 1.2.

I think he was trying to refer to was Google's Big table integration which app engine uses instead of NoSQL.

Dude, what are you guys talking about? What Big table integration? What NoSQL?

There was a Django patch somewhere that used a thin layer to make the API "look" like the Django ORM, but IMHO it is broken in a lot of ways and you're better off using the raw App Engine API (which is in no way related to Django).

But it is a half-ass attempt, looking like some patch somebody did in an afternoon to get something working: and that was the "Google effort"?

Yes. Check out this video: http://vimeo.com/10514466

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