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- Integrate RDP 6.0 (Vista and up) support into rdesktop. It is the one thing keeping a lot of us from using Linux exclusively (http://goo.gl/1pm8) This ties in with the Federal Information Processing Standards (http://goo.gl/RKUD) which will make rdesktop useless for U.S. government mandated connectivity requirements.

- Fix suspend/resume on Linux or work towards integrating TuxOnIce/Suspend2 in the mainline. At the very least, improve DSDT debugging tools, so that non-geeks can help developers identify why suspend is not working on their desktops. http://goo.gl/oUzF

- Create a SVGALIB backend to Plymouth, so that nvidia/ATI cards dont have shitty bootsplash (http://goo.gl/1D52)

- Fix SIL-Graphite support in Pango so that Asiatic fonts (using smartfonts) are better supported.

- Fix upstart scripts for postgresql, php-cgi and a zillion other services (migrate them from the old style - it really messes up having them in different places.)

- And of course, the long running IPV6 slowdown bug (http://goo.gl/y0SN)

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