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Not to mention the added benefit of doing some valuable underground research during the process.

Wouldn't it be game changing if we found fossils really deep inside the moon as we did this? If the impact that hit Earth to form the cluster of rocks that eventually settled into what is now our Moon, I wouldn't expect it to pulverize earth into dust but rather into large pieces. Imagine of some fossils were encased in some of the larger rocks, which later settled deep inside the lunar core.

The impact of the body that created the moon is meant to have taken place in the early Hadean, long before the Earths surface cooled enough to support life.

You're right of course. Your comment lead to me reading about Hadean and Archean which has been quite interesting.

Alas I doubt the colliding bodies were solid and cooled enough for non vapor water yet, so fossils if any, would be limited to things like volcanic vent single cell organisms or virus.

The problem is, burning those fossil fuels takes oxygen. Oxygen on the moon would probably be too precious to use that way.

Pretty sure they're talking about paleontology, not fuel.

Not entirely true. Burning things requires an oxidizer, not necessarily oxygen. Other oxidizers include chlorine, fluorine, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide.

Oxygen is pretty abundant in lunar regolith. I'm not sure about how much energy it will take to extract it.

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