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I was hoping people could list bugs here to allow the community to vote on the ones that should be fixed first...

Seemed an easy place to have the voting happen.

We need someone to get the ball rolling!

Not an uninteresting idea, but the $1k is just a tiny amount of money, eg. just 10x $100. It would be really interesting to have a (long-lasting) service around raising funds for open-source contributions and bugfixes and connecting users and developers. This could even look like a kind of reverse-kickstarter, where a number of people contribute money to a specific goal and only then find a developer/designer/... via the service.

As a sidenote: I always am a bit skeptical when i see links to a HN thread propagated in posts, primarily because it may bring too many new people here in particular if the post gets picked up by major news outlets. Nothing wrong with new users, but I think anyone interested in HN related topics learns of this site sooner or later anyway. The rate of submissions/changes on the front page has increased a lot during the last year and I'm a bit afraid where that will lead to (unless PG starts updating / trying a couple of things with HN, such as thresholds, categories, etc).

Good feedback Chris. Thanks (and sorry if I bring too many newbies into the gene pool).

You're right - in many ways $1k is tiny, but I was hoping that there would be a bunch of annoying bugs / bugs in boring areas that cause people headaches that (other) people could fix in ~1 hour or so.

If others wanted to chip money into the pot, I'd happily give it a shot at administrating it for a bit and see if it gets traction. So far, we aren't seeing bugs submitted that would cost > $1k to fix either - if we do, perhaps we can persuade some people to chip in to help meet the cost...?

Maybe you don't need money.

Could be enough to set up a website with accounts and a system that gives you "karma" for each bug you remove or a feature you add. Amount of karma depending on the bug/feature and maybe an additional voting system for users to push their favourite feature or most annoying bug.

Having a lot of karma on such a site may even be interesting for your resume when you apply for a job.

I once sent a mail to Linus Torvalds, requesting him to bless something like this. My justification was that corporates (IBM, Oracle, Redhat) employ kernel hackers in order to get their most wanted features into the kernel. It could very well mean the server/enterprise side of things. But how does the ordinary desktop user vote for their choice of features - maybe even through money ?

It would have been nice if he could have backed something like, a StackOverflow for opensource bugs/feature requests with payment integration.

Didnt hear back though!

Why don't you build it? Linus didn't as Andy Tanenbaum for permission to improve MINIX, nor Richard Stallman for sponsorship to build the Hurd Kernel... Homey just threw down a tarball...

Maybe you could post a few bugs you think are a good idea to seed the discussion?

This is the kind of thing that has hit us / hurt us in the past: http://bugs.php.net/44251

It's now fixed, but that is the kind of thing we're looking for.

I'm not a developer - I'm a business guy primarily - so I'm unlikely to be the best person to pick out things that typically hold up developers.

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