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Easy, I open up a terminal and type:

It's a script which fires up an openvpn connection to a vps I have.

Getting openvpn working took about a day of hacking around on my vps and my mac. (just read the openvpn tutorial and follow the steps.) I still haven't gotten openvpn working on Windows but it's not something I've never needed.

I just use Viscosity which is a menubar app that lets you easily connect to an OpenVPN connection (you punch in the address, authentication type, etc and it lets you just click the server name from your menubar to connect).

I don't host my own server though, I use http://witopia.net I think I pay like $50-60/yr. But they give you a bunch of servers to connect to worldwide: http://cl.ly/2zEY

There's also Tunnelblick as a free and open source alternative to Viscosity - http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/

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