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There are probably going to be a lot of people negatively affected by this for quite some time to come.

Yes, but it's better than the alternative, where there would be an increasing number of people negatively affected for even longer. At least the problem is out in the open now and there will be public pressure to fix it.

America was a better place when people could keep their doors unlocked, and when someone's first response to a break-in was to blame the criminal.

You are correct. But those days are long gone, and they're not coming back. Unless you want to throw out a good chunk of technology, kill half the people on the planet and go back living in communities where you knew personally everybody you interacted with during your entire lifetime.

Butler has simply raised the threat level for everyone.

Yes, he has. But he has also raised the defense-level for everyone, and by a greater margin. Before his post, there was a much larger divide between the people who knew about this exploit and those who didn't (the fox and the sheep, if you will). It's true that now more people can exploit those who don't know, but it's also true that even more people can defend against it.

He did not invent a new lock or close a hole.

Making other people aware of the hole is the first step in getting it closed, if you are unable to do it yourself. Shame on the rest of us for not doing this earlier.

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