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This reminds me a lot what I used to do before and it inevitably led to burnout and disaster. So I will be straightforward with you, STOP trying to fix yourself like you were one of the problems you like to hack on. You already have a very good life, but it is not a matter of what you do, it is about how you do it. Just let go off your need for control.

I discovered that what I needed was good nurturing. Good people. Good food. Good books. Good sleep. Good exercise. Good solitude. Good work (something you do for the love of it, not for some illusionary reward).

If you do it, you will see that all the discipline and things that you need will just come into your life. This is how children do (field-tested) and there is NO reason why we should do it differently. You are NOT a problem to be solved!

>STOP trying to fix yourself like you were one of the problems you like to hack on

Great advice, very difficult in practice. Just finding an activity or practice where you can quiet your mind is absolutely essential. When I let my inner dialogue take over and worry, worry, worry about all of the THINGS I need to DO, I reach burnout quite quickly. For me practicing meditation in some form or another (whether through actual sitting, taking walks, etc) is absolutely essential to my personal well being. It is when that inner dialogue is running out of control that "fixing myself" ends up going on the to-do list, which is really quite absurd!

Great comment. Hackers do want to hack all their problems & challenges.

As we tend to be people immersed in our own worlds, good people (and family) are wonderful contrasts to seek warmth and escape.

For many of us, it may not be natural, but we should force ourselves to socialize until it does become more natural.

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