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A Google Suggest Venn Diagram Generator (technomancy.org)
310 points by rmc on Oct 25, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 87 comments

Why does my {wife, girlfriend, ex girlfriend)


Awesome... I don't even know who this "Snooki" is, but she must not be well liked:


Seems like the first character of some are cut off. 'he cosby show', 'il wayne', 'ustin Bieber'

I think it's one of the stars from "Jersey shore" (or something like that). According to South Park (where I've learned that) she is small, fat and not particularly bright. So this seems spot on :)


Everything you ever wanted to know about Snooki and generally, a fantastic episode (unfortunately offline until 11/13).

This is amazing: Canada, America, Europe


It's like everyone who searches "Why is America so $foo" is Canadian, and everyone who searches "Why is Europe so $foo" is American.

Who searches, "Why is Europe so warm"? It's freezing here at the moment.

How can I get my {wife, cat, dog} to . . . http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=How+ca...

Will my {boyfriend, cat, dog} . . . http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=will+m...

My {friend, wife, husband} is addicted to . . . http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=my+X+i...

Google suggest is a really quite frightening window on the world. How many people have to type "How can I get my wife to cheat" into Google before it shows up here?

I know. I put "Why does my {mom, dad, brother}" in there, and was instantly sorry I had.

Great project idea, but I can't get it to actually work.

I'm encountering a similar error to Toucan with respect to the spacing. If I enter a query "MIT is", Google is returning results that include "is" as part of a larger word. Ex: "MIT Israel divestment". I'd like to query "MIT is " -- including the space -- but it looks like your query strips it out. I think this fix would return much better results.

Also, it looks like even when returning the result "MIT Israel divestment," the returned result is stripping the first few characters. Examples:

ael divest ael divestment ael investment sael stock aeli stock samic society amic studies overrated tes

Thoughts? Query link: http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#20=&star...

It's very simple, you're using it wrong.


I can obviously get it to work with most queries. I was just pointing out that it does seem to strip out letters or return a poor result if the query is part of a larger word.

Yes, I'm using "X is"; I used "MIT is" in my comment for greater clarity.

He does have a legitimate issue. The suggest algorithm guesses that "MIT" is the start of "mitochondria" or "mitosis".

This is so screwed up on so many levels: Whites, Blacks, Arabs...


Google has way too much insight into human nature:


Looks like google considers everyone a lier.

This is pretty cool, but it's hard to think of good parameters that generate a funny or interesting diagram. Maybe you could think of some more suggestions.

Why is X (Andoid, iPhone, Symbian) so... http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=Why+is...

Deep down, I always knew that the only factor differentiating the Mac from everything else is that it's damn expensive in Australia.

According to mine it's differentiated by being "better than PC" and being illegal.

More confusingly it enjoys relationships with Ryan and Kyle (a soap?), "ulay culkin dead" which I'm assuming was a rumour about the Home Alone star, and "ookout pregnant again", which really confused me when I assumed it was referring to Macbooks...

If you get rid of the "Why" and "so", the queries become much more interesting, albeit somewhat garbled:

programming languages: http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=is+X&#... (s/c/perl) operating systems: http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=is+X&#... (mac and ryan back together? is linux illegal?)


definitely needs a gallery of good ones. You could build a whole blog out of this.

This is probably very politically incorrect, but if you put different enthnicities or nationalities (blacks, French people, whites) as parameters, it's pretty easy to see what people's stereotypes are.

Someone has to play the advocatus diaboli:


It's shocking, but also shockingly funny. Caveat emptor, guys. Personally, I'm appalled but hardly surprised. On average, the internet remains a very stupid place.

This was recently on reddit (maybe even HN): http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=Why+ar...

I made something similar, albeit slightly earlier (inspired by the same tweet-challenge) http://antimatter15.github.com/venn-google/venn-google.html

Don't think this one has been posted... I found it quite humorous:

Why are American {men|women|children} so... : http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=Why+ar...

Wow, I don't think anything else that's been posted in this thread gives such stark results as that. It seems almost like you broke it.

Oh, I think I need to wash my hands after posting this.


Ohh look at the koreans part: "good at starcraft". I don't know if it's awesome (or sad) that Korean stereotypes (can I call it a stereotype? Since this is probably completely 100% true anyways), include being good at starcraft as one of their most talked about traits.

NAAAAA, it's freaking Awesome!

What do Facebook, Twitter and sex all have in common?


Interesting to see how this query changes from yours: http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=Why+is...

I did a side by side tab back and forth to visually diff. Is marriage really that bad???

[Edit] And further: http://www.technomancy.org/google-suggest-venn/#start=Why+is...


[Edit 2] You could probably really promote this app with some well thought out queries.

Wow, I guess there's one thing everyone wants:


How can I get my (wife|girlfriend|boyfriend) to...

kind of sad, really.

I like this one...has some sort of poignancy to it that I can't quite put my finger on:


I could have fun with this for a very... very... long time..

Awesome hack. I want to export the results!

Bug: Some first letters are getting chomped for the search

"guitar X" for X: Fender, Gibson, Yamaha



Edit: It seems to be improving. Wish the Discus did not interfere with the circles!

I didn't know Disqus was messing up the display in FF. I've fixed it now.

Try a URI-encoded char code for X

If I made this, it would allow for you to input as many things for "X" as you wanted. Thus, it would be much less successful.

Wow, people don't think much of our politicians...


I guess this isn't too surprising.

The "Barack Obama is a cactus" thing had me really confused until I searched for it myself. It's an Onion article, and a funny one.

The "ues" "am" and "ael" entries seem to be a result of how the query is handled. "Hillary Clinton issues" is the autocomplete; it's dropping the s after "is" and giving us "ues".

Hmmm, people think even-less of our political parties:


Why so much negativity?

I find it interesting that these are what people are actually searching for. It looks like most of those common "search terms" are already formed opinions and ppl are mearly searching to see if others agree with them.

What do books, music and movies have in common:


I like that Google is both fast and slow, according to that diagram.

This is pretty cool. On a side-note, both technomancy and I attended Clojure Conj this weekend. I wonder where he found the time to do this. I know I was exhausted at the end of it and pretty much all of Sunday veg-ing on my couch.

Great work.

Actually, I'm not connected to the original 'technomancy'. I've never met the guy. I just liked the domain name (from reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon), and it's my personal domain name. I think 'technomancy' is on 'http://technomancy.us.

In other words, we will need fully qualified user names.

Mac. Expensive in Australia.

Fun idea. Ven Diagram overlaps comments which makes it harder to see the diagram. This is on firefox 3.6.11

I should have fixed the veen diagrams/disqus bug on FF now.

whenever question is about people - "rude, stupid", about hardware, companies, etc... - "popular, successful". Pretty much summarizes nature of human civilization.

Seems like spam with so many links to the site...

People are linking to the site themselves to share the results. No sock puppets here.

Links on HN are nofollow'ed anyway.

Very cool, but I really dislike Disqus.

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