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Being uber conscious about health, I spend some bit of my time cooking everyday. I would love to outsource this or find a healthy eat-out option. Since I only work on my start-up, there isn't much of a juggling.

Wake up at 6 Have tea Read a bit Make and eat breakfast Be at work by 9 (it's a 5min walk to my work place) work till 12.30 Have lunch n a short break Start work again by 2.30 Work till 7 Gym for an hr Shower n dine Read/ TV/ Movie Get to bed by 11

No gym on wednesday evenings. I seem to crave for a break mid week than weekend. I go to a pub/ movie or meet friends Wednesday evenings. I work Saturdays. Stay out late in the evenings. Wake up a lil late on Sunday. I take an hour or two out on a Sunday for my hobbies.

working out religiously, listening to the music of your choice and eating healthy will help you avoid a burn-out.

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