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Exactly my question. Are there any cheap and reliable(very important in this case) VPS service I can use to do this? Using ssh thru internet as proxy seems to be the best approach. Unfortunately I cannot setup my own ssh server to do this as both power and internet connectivity is not reliable where i live.

You might want to look at http://prgmr.com/xen/ It's run by a Hacker News member, lsc.

He has plans starting at $5/mo but you'll want to take notice of the of the monthly transfer limit. The $5/mo plan is 10GB transfer a month (which will come to 5GB in/5GB out if you're using it as a proxy) so you won't want to tunnel video or downloads through it. If you go for the $8/mo plan though you can get 40GB data transfer.

I've never had an account with him so I'm not sure if there's a way to check how much of your data allowance you've used for the month. Someone else might be able to chime in about a program you could run on the server to notify you when you've reached a transfer threshold.

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