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>dishwasher for dishes

The trick to doing less dishes is not using a dishwasher but to have less dishes. If you're not a family of 4 you don't need to dirty 4 plates. Put only 1 of each thing in your main cabinet and the extras in a separate cabinet. Wash them by hand after using.

Also for productivity, use timers like WorkRave http://www.workrave.org . Taking breaks is a key to getting stuff done. The harder the problem and the more you have avoided it and let it build up, the more frequent the breaks you will need to tackle it.

Also if you use todo list, the most important thing to right next to each task is an estimate of the time it will take to complete. As soon as I did this I realized I how notoriously bad I was at estimating the time it takes to complete certain tasks and improved.

I use just 1/2 dishes, but I still cook something, so I also have to wash pans. I do not produce a lot of dirty stuff everytime I eat, being alone, but it surprises me how long it still takes to wash these things by hand.

Moreover a dishwasher helps to save water and energy. This is the first reference I found on Google: http://1greengeneration.elementsintime.com/?p=314

Protip: do not use dishes. Eat from cutting board or pot.

Those are still dishes imo (at least the still need to be cleaned at some point). Also if I take time to cook anything with pots it's more than I would eat in one sitting . And I enjoy the process of eating more and pay more attention to what I eat if I put everything I'm about to eat on a plate in front me. The easiest way to tell if you are eating healthy is to see if the plate is "colorful" as opposed to all looking the same.

[ a balanced meal to me is a plate divided in 4 different color quadrants not eaten at the computer, so a plate is a useful tool in this respect ]

> The easiest way to tell if you are eating healthy is to see if the plate is "colorful" as opposed to all looking the same.

This is an example of "common knowledge" that may actually be incorrect. While it's important to eat a variety of foods throughout the day, I've heard that eating a variety of foods in a single meal makes digestion more difficult.

(Sorry for the lack of references. My Google-fu is failing me right now.)

I used the same dish trick when I was single, it's dead on.

Not to get into a Lifehacker-esque technique-of-the-week, but what method/materials do you use for your to do list?

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