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Just a note: it is not normal to lose a lot of time talking to your landlord. I rent, and I haven't spoken to my landlord in a year. Also, you can get a cleaner for a rented apartment, too?

Still, maybe if you have bought a house, at least you don't have to worry about it anymore. On the other hand, sometimes I have the impression that people who own actually worry MORE. That's also what Greenspun said, or so I seem to remember (can't find the blog entry right now).

Unfortunately here in Amsterdam landlords are quite abusive, and mine is not an exception. When there are problems in the house it takes always a lot to fix them. And other unpleasant things I won't bother you with. Of course this is not the reason I buy a house for, but it's a nice plus.

I could hire cleaners in this house too, of course, but I live with flatmates that should agree on it too, and they don't.

iirc, he said they become boring people who bitch about property taxes.

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