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Also, remember that some programs don't respect the system's proxy settings and instead use their own. Firefox is one of those, you can find its proxy settings in "Advanced -> Network -> Settings"

Also Firefox doesn't put DNS through a socks proxy by default, which has some security implications and doesn't allow you to reach internal-only names. In about:config set: network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to True.

After Firefox 3.6.4, the default proxy selection policy is to use the system default, instead of no proxy.


That link has screenshots to help you configure Firefox to use the ssh proxy.

Unfortunately Opera doesn't support SOCKS proxies. http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/194/

Also unfortunately I think Flash and Silverlight media streaming don't respect proxies, leaving me unable to stream Hulu and Netflix when I'm in the UK.

They _should_, and do for me typically using Chrome.

alanstorm of stackoverflow answers that deal with Magento fame (well, fame being a relative term but famous to me, anyway)?

Yeah, I'm that Alan Storm. NOT the WCW scrub wrestler.

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