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I did a "Rate my Startup" post for my startup (http://www.happybuy.com/) a little while back that didn't get much traction:


Would be great if you had any feedback on the site you could provide. Although not purely writing, any experience or advice on how to improve its SEO would be most appreciated as the current search traffic is low.

Thank you for helping out other HN'ers.

Except for ghastly yellow. I think that you have an interesting idea over here. I understand that deal aggregation from something like EBay would be a tough job. Mainly due to quality problems, but if you add an ecosystem like that and track people themselves (to see if they have a good deal history or not) into the algorithm then you can have something that pulls a lot of weight.

The way I see it you could make a ranking algorithm based on price * trust, Where trust is a weighting function dependent upon the number of sales previously completed; the satisfaction recored (as per ebay et al metrics) and the cost of the article vs. the original (too good to be true scenario).

If you make something like that then I would use it in a heart beat.

Please email me if you want to continue this conversation.

Take this for what it's worth, but the first thing I notice is the extremely bright yellow rectangle on your home page. Maybe it's because I have eyes that are somewhat sensitive to bright lights, but it's aesthetically very difficult to stay on your site. Everything else looks great, though. Maybe just a slightly darker color..?

I concur. I saw this massive yellow block and closed the tab immediately.

Thanks for the comments. Personally I like the yellow but can understand that it may be too much for some people.

Do you think its primarily just the large yellow area on the homepage, or that the yellow regions on the other pages are problematic (which are more used for highlights)?

The color is fine as a branding point, it's just the large block of what I would describe as neon chick yellow completely throws one off if not expecting it. Its a color that would work beautifully for the logo and some highlights. As it is I feel is too much on the main page and I really don't like it on the other pages to the sides, though I think its great as a border to the search bar.

My advice? Try to invert the colors on the main page and make only the logo yellow (and to the bag in white or something like that, and use another color or maybe just the base color enhanced by shadows. And remove the yellow bars to the side on the other pages, and perhaps only use a single yellow horizontal bar to separate sections.

Edit: Use the yellow for details and highlights only (and of course the logo) not for big chunks of design.

Why not try an a/b test? I bet that another color will test better...

Yes I could do that however the yellow is the primary color of the brand which would mean more than a simple change. I'd prefer to reduce the large expanse of yellow than change the primary brand color.

I also have a queasy feeling a/b testing aesthetics especially when its a brand attribute which over time may become a strength as opposed to a current weakness. In other words I think for certain things, a/b testing starts to create homogenised results and sites.

I think there's nothing wrong with the color as your brand logo, but perhaps think of making another color accent it nicely on your home page or making it a more subtle part of your color scheme. The way you have it set up on other pages is a nice compromise (even though I think it's still a bit too yellow):


I just want to reiterate: everything else on your site looks awesome (really awesome)..but that giant yellow block really hurts my eyes.

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