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Have a bazillion karma points. I didn't realize that switching resolved that whole problem. This is why I continue to bring up stupid hypothetical situations on HN from time to time ;-)

Switching doesn't resolve the problem completely. There are a range of complicated attacks that could be done, but can be detected in various ways in a well run NOC.

But we're talking a lot more complicated and deliberate than running tcpdump or this Firefox plugin, right?

I guess if you really wanted to you could run a GUI tool like Cain (http://oxid.it/), but most people doing this type of thing would use something like Scapy or at worst, Yersinia.

So I'd agree, more complex definitely, significantly not as much perhaps (it depends on the type of attack as tool), as for deliberation I'd say about the same as the firefox plugin.

If you do run tcpdump you do pick up broadcasts and such, one of our VPS instances actually sees a load of DNS traffic for our subnet, which we think is the other VPS instances.

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