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Am I the only one who thinks this is spoon feeding the script kiddies to cause mayhem?

Even the dumbest script kiddies have been doing this for years anyway. There are plenty of existing tools. This one just lowers the bar so your mum can perform the attack too.

It almost makes me angry that websites like Facebook and Twitter don't force all traffic over https. They've got the money and the expertise. They just don't care if your account gets sniffed and taken over at a web cafe.

Exactly. I'm not a blackhat and my only "hacking" consists of forcing myself into my own systems which I've stupidly locked myself out of, yet I've managed to do much that this plugin can do.

The most un-ethical thing I have done was to take one of the OLPC XO laptops and convert it into a MITM machine, rebroadcasting the SSID it connects to while routing and logging all traffic anyone who connects to it generates. It took a weekend to setup using pre-existing tools and scripts and can be deployed anywhere I want within 2 minutes and run for up to 6 hours hidden in the bottom of my backpack. It was a fun experiment, and surely made me more aware of just how vulnerable I was outside of my home network.

Another point of interest, this weekend I hacked on a Minecraft bot for the Alpha version. In order to understand and dissect the connection protocol I needed to recreate, I used wireshark to dump and parse how the client authenticates and connects to the server. Even that transmits your username and password in plaintext.

re: the OLPC, what were you running on it? I have one in my closet and I've been meaning to put something that isn't the stock software on there for a long time.

Well, hopefully it will then convince companies to properly secure their websites and actually protect users.

Agreed, but I still think giving someone else full control is a bit too much. It's not the user's fault (most don't even know this is happening) and they're likely to be the victims here.

This vulnerability (it hurts to even call it such at this point) has been around for years, and the attack has always been easy for a determined attacker to carry out.

How else are we going to convince people to secure their sites and protect their users? People have been presenting on this issue for years (Ferret & Hamster, Blackhat 2007) and companies haven't responded/cared. It's possible to solve this problem (Gmail is all HTTPS, and done correctly, Amazon has a tiered authentication system that properly uses SSL for important things, Wordpress does SSL right for accessing their admin interface) - companies need to step up and address the issue.

Definitely, I guess as a uni student, I'm worried about the majority of non-technical students who are going to have their sessions hacked and have no clue what hit them and cannot setup proxies/tunnels.

I'm not saying this isn't the site's fault. They definitely need a wake-up call.

This was already happening on a massive scale before this new app was released... I honestly don't think it will increase the number of attacks by all that much. It's brilliant as a tool for spreading the word though.

It was happening on a massive scale, but now a huge amount of really lazy people who didn't bother to do this before are. It had 3,000 downloads after 2 hours of release. The thing is, most universities have protection set up. It seems Cisco NAC is actually good for something. I never thought I'd say that. The extension certainly doesn't work on my campus.

The problem goes beyond client-website interaction. Improper wifi configuration also plays a big part in what Firesheep can achieve. ;)

It should be noted that Wordpress implements SSL for wordpress.com correctly, but any self-hosted blogs from wordpress.org need to be individually configured.

This is essentially the same argument that comes up with full disclosure. Yes, it's not pretty. Yes, it causes a lot of collateral damage. But it also makes the big players patch things up faster, while letting the knowledge out to the public, which of course consists of not only the script kiddies, but also the unsuspecting legitimate users.

The script kiddies already have their scripts and already do this. Firesheep will hopefully allow users to see the problem in a way they can clearly understand.

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