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You're all so anti-sexist it sickens me. Whenever a female posts, you put away the boxing gloves and take out the kid skin gloves. The only people that actually say negative things are the unapologetic sexists, and no, I don't like that either. But it doesn't bother me as much.

So it might just be my imagination, but just to be safe I prefer to be one of the guys for my recreational forum activities.


I support your right to portray yourself in whatever light you can muster, but there's no shortage of critical thinkers on Hacker News.

The phenomena that you're describing is often called "othering" and it generally sums up nicely as "a room full of dudes bending over backwards to be so accepting to a woman that it's creepy". It is a real problem.

However, I know I'm not the only person on here who couldn't care less what your gender is. I want to respect you for what you produce, and I'm not going to mince words if I think something is goofy.

Being a radical is tiring and it's not cool to put the onus for change on women, who I suspect get worn down demanding equality. I know that I would.

Yet, there are times and places where major gains come only from sticking your neck out once in a while. Being a woman on HN might be one of those places.

I doubt I have much to gain from being a female on HN, unless I a) wanted to take advantage of my rarity and b) wanted to apply to HN. In which case they would find out I was female when I submitted my application, anyway. And I'm not applying.

This is really unfortunate. Can you point to threads that you thought were sexist? I'm really curious because it's sometimes hard for a guy to empathize.

I don't know about others but I don't generally associate a gender with poster's nick unless they're very well known.

As a case in point, it wouldn't have occurred to me that the OP (limedaring) was female if I saw her posting in another thread, even though I recognize her name from elsewhere and could tell you she was female if I thought about it.

I can see that. The problem I see is that everyone gets labeled as one extreme or the other. As much as I hate sugar-coating what I say to someone because of their gender or other quality, I'd rather get labeled as an anti-sexist than a sexist.

Also, I see that happen a lot more not because of gender, but because we're discussing gender issues. Anytime someone brings up a sensitive issue people are going to tip-toe more, regardless of the attributes of anyone actually bringing it up.

Refreshing viewpoint. As a woman in this kind of community you it would be difficult to avoid special treatment, for better or worse, and it definitely takes focus away from whatever it is we come here to accomplish.

Wow. Full respect.

Respect because she's a textbook-case of minority oppression?

What? No, because she doesn't want any special treatment and finds the idea insulting.

Wow. Are women really considered minority?

In tech? On HN? In YC? Definitely.

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