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Bitcoin doesn't need to stabilize to be successful. In the same way that the exchange rate of the hyperinflating German Mark and gold didn't need to stabilize. All bitcoin needs to do is continue to operate with it's programmed monetary policy such that its value can't be inflated away through coercion.

Money is a commodity whose goal is to transport value through space and time. We are living through -- in human-species scale -- a brief 90-year experiment in the artificial elimination of a free market of monies by violence of the state (until bitcoin was invented).

Artificially increasing and decreasing the supply of money in an economy has about just as much utility as artificially increasing and decreasing the supply of any other good -- which is none.

Bitcoin's success narrative doesn't depend on the amount of non-scarce dollars the market is willing to trade for it ceasing to change ('stabilize'). The success narrative is: an increasing set of people understanding that the hardest money always wins. Bitcoin is one halvening away from being harder than gold and is _the_ hardest money ever in existance. Those who have taken exposure to bitcoin will have more wealth preserved than those who denominate their value in inflatable dollars. As more people see bitcoin improving the quality of life of individuals they also take exposure to bitcoin. This process doesn't need a planner nor intelligent agents, it just needs bricolage.

Thank you for posting this. Not surprising to see you getting downvoted to oblivion here, but this is something that people really need to keep an open mind about.

It's downvotes because it's using false facts as a basis for opinion, and using weak logic to connect them. Fiat money is over 90years old, Bitcoin is deflationat by design, and neither of these facts matter. The open market is subject to manipulation (counterfeiting and cornering) as much as government fiat.

Can you please point out the false facts to me?

What are the errors?

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