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Casually start giving "guy" the impression you have been always been talking to lawyers since the beginning even if you haven't. You need to start methodically slipping in mysterious phrases like "me and original cofounder Y's attornies", even if you are talking about how everything will work out without lawyers, you have to convey to him that you've secretly been talking to lawyers about him since the beginning and are actually a few steps ahead of him in a secret master plan in which he is the loser. He is gaming you.

Also, humor is life's great defuser. If you can figure out how to make him laugh at least a couple times in the next few weeks, it will be a surprisingly huge aid.

[ Even though this is at the unavoidably SERIOUS BUSINESS aka lawyer point, you need to get meta, make light of the situation, don't jump through the hoops he creates for you. His train of thought is carrying you and your business and it's headed to bye-bye camp. DERAIL this train in anyway possible, even if it involves providing framed motivational posters of LOLcats for his new office. Also, consider getting him drunk at some point if possible. ]

Simply speaking, make them lose focus, relax

Hmmm maybe I was thinking of an analogy to foreign relations.

You need to show this would-be invader that you DO have a military (lawyer) of your own and are capable of defending yourself. To discourage invasion. Once you have discouraged someone from invading outright, then you can hopefully work towards an "Obama beer summit" over a few pints http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32210408/ns/politics-white_house... Lighten the mood, initiate diplomacy, avoid seeing who has more nuclear missiles than the other.

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