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> but there's nothing preventing a political regime claiming mass coercion or hacking and forking the history

How would a regime "fork the history" of the Bitcoin blockchain?

This isn't to solve voting in compromised countries, since you after all need to trust the government to give out votes and provide voting candidates, it's about making voting in governments with an already working democracy better. Like the western countries.

> Everything else is just a web app

Yes. The key point is you only need trust to seed the votes the rest can be done in a trustless and verifiable manner. My comment wasn't very clear.

> All in all, you need to do a lot more research into the history of online voting proposals before you can seriously propose publishing votes on the blockchain.

I'm not saying we should do this now. There are as you say many serious problems we would need to solve.

I was only proposing it as a possible use case with several substantial benefits.

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