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Things seem past repair. Get a good lawyer, and do what they advise.

You probably don't need to worry about the guy starting a competing company. If he does it will fail.

Further specifying "good": you really need a lawyer who's seriously experienced in these kinds of matters, not just any lawyer. It makes all the difference.

Also remember that there's a lot a lawyer can do for you in a situation like this, way before a lawsuit is even on the horizon.

Along with get a lawyer's opinion before doing anything i would stress that you can talk to multiple lawyers or firms to get different prices and opinions. Also I have found that people are usually happier if they find their lawyers through a connection rather than just searching Google or the yellow pages.

the thing about the "get a lawyer" advice is that this does not necessarily mean you are going to court. A lawyer is essentially a professional negotiator. I mean, if I was in that situation, I'd find a lawyer who was comfortable negotiating on my behalf.

Yes; one of the things I noted in the worst company investment situation I was ever a witness to (angel investors who turned out to be devils who wanted 100% of nothing...) was that lawyers keep things below the level at which people pull out knives and have at each other.

A rather useful institution for a society.


Why would you not assume it’s a guy? Most of the people in this business are men—if you’re going to make an assumption aren’t numbers a good basis for doing so?


Ah, I see what you mean. When I read it, though, it didn’t strike me at all as though OP went out of his way to use gender neutral terms. I guess it didn’t strike PG that way either, if he assumed it was a guy too?

I think they may be better described as a referentless third person pronoun rather than a genderless one in a lot of circumstances. The genderlessness is more of a consequence of having no referent.

That's funny. It totally jumped out at me that the OP kept using "they".

What's even odder is that Paul used "they" for the lawyer, apparently intending to be gender-neutral, but failed to notice that the OP had done similarly.

I don't mean to be making a huge deal out of this. It's just something we could probably all stand to be more aware of, myself included.

guy = gender-neutral term for some people, as is 'dude'.

"Guys" is gender-neutral, "guy" rarely.

Hm ... I suppose that's true. I was trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, though

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