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Who are you?

I prefer to stay anonymous due to personal reasons. Yes, I talk extremely openly and honestly, but it's a bit too hard to trace it all down to me.

On the other hand, who I am has little or nothing to do with how I can help you, and I want to keep it that way, for now. I know that this might seem foolish, but there are compelling, practical reasons behind it.

I request anyone reading this not to breach my privacy. I've made that offer in good faith and it would be heart breaking to face something like that.

Thank you.

I vouch for todayiamme's valid reasons to be anonymous.

But how'll you get the karma?

I think he means real life Karma not in HN

Sometimes the best Karma is the private feeling of having been helpful :)

I'm sure she wants to remain anonymous judging by her email.

It's a great offer, btw. I'd feel way too guilty for her like that though.

Edited: Sorry!

Oh and don't feel guilty at all. I've gotten my share out of this equation and this offer is my way of paying back.

edit: no worries. That's a side effect of anonymity.

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