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I went on a few 24 hour online poker binges to pay the rent. I won a lot, but had to borrow money from my parents because it took over a week to cash-out.

Also drove to Foxwoods to play poker once with my co-founder when we were particularly desperate. We only had enough money for one buy-in ($300). Figured that if I was asking my parents for money again, asking for an extra $300 was worth the risk, if I had a chance to win and not ask for anything.

Bill also took random jobs on Craigslist (helping people set up pod-casts, writing papers for wealthy foreign students, etc.)

I taught the LSAT and did "law school admission consulting" which basically translated to helping people write personal statements.

shit, just posted this from my girlfriend's HN account :(

(I'm "aberman", one of the co-founders of WePay)

You're GF's HN about line is awesome.

There is a 'delete' link, you're still within the hour.

saw the stream of your talk at MIT recently. good stuff.

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