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I constantly travel to Latin America, speaking at conferences and recruiting talent. I've lived/worked in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru Colombia and traveled to Honduras and Guatemala.

If you want to go to central america let me know. I can introduce you to the tech/startup community there. They can hook you up with the best/safest placest to live, work areas, and the whole thing.

My personal experience is with Guatemala and Honduras, though I know top notch developers and entrepreneurs (all bilingual) throughout the whole region.

If I were you, I'd pick costa rica to live in if you want to live in Central America. Bigger expat community, great nearshoring tech talent. Though Chile will give you $40k to startup in Chile.

When I go live/work at a LATAM country my process is usually:

1. Stay in a hostal for two days, those two days I check out places to rent 2. In south america, you can find great stuff on craigslist, furnished rooms or studios from $200-$500/mo 3. Meet local entrepreneurs, and find coworking spaces/become an office guest.

If you need more tips/intros for living in LATAM, my email is in my profile, or @andresbarreto

If you ever decide to come to Mexico and need a safe place to stay give me a buzz as well. I'll hook you up.

Where in Mexico?

Mexico City. Forgot to be a little more specific, my bad :)

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