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I'm sorry, but this is not a YC grievance comment by any stretch. And it is not mine. Damien Katz wrote it a long time ago, and he is not bitter.

I submitted to HN as I could not find it posted here, and wanted to know the community had to say. I had in mind it would foster a discussion on YC interview tips and experiences, which are sorely lacking arond the web (specially failed interviews, and these teach more than successful ones).

NOTE: There are some public YC interviews on the web, namely: Adioso's (http://tomhoward.co/our-y-combinator-interview-experience) and Directed Edge's (http://blog.directededge.com/2009/11/05/the-interview-with-y...)

This is also an old post (2006), and YC guys probably learned a lot in the mean time. About Damien's comment It's a Flawed Process. Tough Shit Fella, even pg admitted it can happen when talking about competing seeds on his recent interview to Forbes (http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2010/1108/best-small-companies-...):

Graham welcomes the competition. "It's better for entrepreneurs," he says. "If we make a mistake and don't fund somebody great, they still have a chance."

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