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I used to be 2-4k but had trouble holding 5k* on igs a few years ago. If I started playing now I would probably struggle holding 8k.

Life, my daughter, 2 personal projects and work got in the way.

I miss the social aspect of Go, I find the internet incarnations are too sterile. I love having a tea and a chat while playing, I spend enough time staring at the screen.

Would probably play again if I found the right group.

Pushing the upper kyus would require way too much work than I am willing to commit at the moment to the game.

Love Go, it is truly eye opening.

Talking about smoke, my Go teacher "Mr No" used to smoke 200 cigarettes a day in Go clubs in Korea.

That's crazy!

The scene here fizzled a bit when a few events happened around the same time, involving babies and our strongest players. I much prefer to play in person than online, for the same reasons you mentioned.

I am planning on taking a trip next year, with a stop in Korea. Any recommendations for (smoke-free) Go clubs?

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