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"I've lived in New York and Seattle, and SF is nowhere near as expensive as New York and nowhere near as affordable as Seattle"

Whoa really? With SF I have generally paid more for food, more for public transit (BART doesn't have an unlimited option plus MUNI and BART are two seperate entities while the MTA is one), and about the same in rent.

Granted, I live(d) in Brooklyn so the rent is definitely more affordable than Manhattan but the accessibility of public transit makes it far easier to live on the outskirts than my experience so far in SF.

You can get a muni fast pass (but you have to use a clipper card). That gives you free muni rides and Bart rides within the city.

True, but much more limited. The city limits of SF are tiny; an MTA-pass equivalent should at least let you go to, say, Oakland (a 10-minute metro ride).

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