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This isn't credible at all. Two-bedroom in Mountain View for $1200? Please name the apartment complex you are living in. A one-bedroom in Mountain View is already on the extremely ghetto side. Decent places start at about $1400 for a one-bedroom.

Anyone who thinks there is a ghetto part of mountain view is, uh, way more wealthy and has much higher standards than I do. I mean, there are "less good" parts of mountain view, but there isn't anything even close to ghetto.

I agree California st is sketchy, but i would never call it ghetto,I think someone needs a ride to EPA.


For 1 bedder I pay $1.5K per month at Central Park Whisman (A Promethus Complex) in MV. Downtown MV off Castro 1 bedders at another Promethus complex rents start at $1.7K. Avalon Community in MV is also around $1.5K but not recommended - too close to Caltrain. I learnt the hard way lol

When I was looking for an apartment to live in I came across plenty of run down joints in bad streets around the $1.1K so it's possible but not recommended.

Finally, MV is great for the tech culture, food and location! :-)

$1200 for a 2BR seems a little on the low side, but $600/month is very doable with roommates. When I first moved out here, I found a bunch of places in the $650-month range. They were usually on California St in MTV or somewhere in Sunnyvale.

I think the problem is that different people have very different definitions of "decent". I'm paying just over $1400/month now for what I consider a very nice apartment. If you don't mind living with working-class immigrants, there're lots of places that start at around $900/month for a 1BR or $600/month with a roommate along Easy St, Walker Dr, or California St.

i pay 1250 in MV for a 2 bedroom thats walking distance from Castro St. Nothing's been updated in decades though (old oven, old stove, little counterspace, washer/dryer downstairs)

I moved to Mountain View about 2 months ago and paying $1400 for a two-bedroom as well.

It depends on your situation. I pay $1850 (could have been $1700 but we changed rooms) for a 3 bedroom fully furnished house in Mountain View, with our landlord staying about 1 week per month in the guest bedroom (third bedroom is a study). Mountain Shadows complex, if you must know.

It's cheap because we're house sitting for her for a year while she's away, so not sustainable, but a great find for us coming in from overseas without a stick of furniture to our names.

A quick look at craigslist will tell you that there are indeed two beds in MV between $1200-1500

In my experience usually those are in complexes and they give a price range, but the $1200 is actually for the one bedrooms.

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