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If I move there. Let's say, Palo Alto/ Mo. View I would be probably working on my startup all day long. Maybe for a walk/gym for an hour or so.

The only time I would need to move from there would be, maybe to attend to a meetup, meeting, etc.

The question would be.

How do I move from side to side. Public transportation? Is it safe to walk at night (Past 10/11/12pm).


I live in Mt View and go to the city about once a week.

I take Caltrain ($6 each way) to the city but you can't stay too late. The last train from SF leaves at around midnight. It would suck if you miss it because a taxi would probably cost you $100.

There is an excellent coworking space in Mt View - Hacker Dojo which is $100 a month. I used to live in SF but I prefer being in Mt View since it's cheaper and for me, safer. Also, you don't have to deal with parking.

Not having a car might be a pain though. Get a bike at least.

By the way, hit me up (danny -at- launchset.com). My cofounder and I are in Buenos Aires for the next 3 weeks.

Mountain View is safe at night. I've walked around after 10 many times without issue.

Transit doesn't have to be too bad. There is a train to Palo Alto and San Francisco and decent bus service. You can also rent a car from Enterprise for about $20 a day if you need to go somewhere away from transit.

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