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Feel free to contact me (email is in my profile) if you have specific questions.

A couple of things stand out;

1) Your resume has the potential of being very intimidating to someone, sometimes less is more. Trim it to just what they hiring manager cares about.

2) You said "Everything from senior engineer to VP of engineering" have you applied to "just engineering" roles?

I ask because both senior engineering and VP roles typically have a very high level of "hiring risk" associated with them. Specifically, if you are interviewing at places outside the network of people who know your work, whether or not your idea of how to fill a senior role is the same as the company where you are interviewing its a very real question. It can cause a tremendous amount of churn in an organization to hire someone in at a senior level who ends up not getting along with the rest of the team or company.

As a result you may find it easier to work initially at a lower level and then negotiate a raise/promotion rather than jumping in high. Everyone's situation is always a bit different.

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