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Some great stuff in this repo thanks. I'm particularly interested in resources that build a type system up step by step, from very simple and working towards Hindley-Milner

Hm... I'm not sure it works that way. Type systems are quite fragile beasts, if you change one thing you can easily break the rest. Especially when it comes to type inference! Although I'd say that HM is quite simple, especially if you don't consider polymorphism (i.e. if you require that every function parameter has a concrete type like int or bool).

In fact, that might be a good starting point - first implement something with the above 2 types, and where every variable and function parameter has a type annotation. From then, you could (1) add more complex types, like function types, tuples or lists, (2) implement type propagation where each variable has the type of the value it's assigned (like auto in modern C++), and then (3) go full HM type inference.

TAPL definitely sounds like a good resource. The next book might be this one: Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages https://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/attapl/frontmatter.pdf

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