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You don't think that to have a conversation about maybe doing something blatantly evil, instead of dismissing it out of hand, reflects poorly on someone's character even if the conclusion of that conversation is not to do the evil thing?

Not partituclarly. Evil is planning mass genocide and executing it. Besides, why judge when we only have one side of the story? Demonising people for having thoughts or discussing actions that you personally find distasteful is tyrannical and repressive.

Demonizing != distaste for cheating a friend. There is no both sides to this story. Gates and Ballmer didn't argue against Allen's telling of the story. Can you even name a hypothetical scenario where its ok to be annoyed that your cancer-ridden friend isn't contributing what he used to?

Wow. Were life as simple as you see it...

And what does "Demonizing != distaste for cheating a friend." even mean? You are attempting to defame Gates and Ballmer because of an uncomfortable conversation that they had 30+ years ago that they ultimately didn't act on! So no, they weren't evil. Cold, perhaps for having the conversation. I'd actually argue that they are merely human, just like the rest of us; wonderfully imperfect.

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