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Thanks. Did we ever hear Gates’ side of the story?

I can imagine there could be good reason to dilute someone by issuing more stock to the remaining productive collaborators. That would depend on the scale, and method used to calculate the proportion, and of on obtaining consent from the diluted party.

@DenisM: “I can imagine there could be good reason to dilute someone” ..

Cutting a business partner out of his fair share while he's in the middle of battling a life threatening disease, a good reason. I guess you went to the same school of ethics as Gates :]

Many companies can die with the dying partner if the remaining partners are not able to capitalize and run the business in his absence.

I see it more as greed than administrative prudence.

Wouldn't we have to know about details of the situation?

This happens every year, and in every single company that you know of. People who remain employed are given retention grants, diluting the people who are no longer employed and receive no such grants. Do you think that's unethical?

Not in this case. Clearly Microsoft did fine without doing it .

Heh, you can find apologists for anything these days huh

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