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I hope your friends read this! Sounds like you value money - just business - incomparably more than friendship. Why?!

I think you may be misreading the intent. I've also seen several friendships destroyed because of business disagreements. I take the message as "Don't get into business with friends if you value their friendship."

Replying also to the other comments: Ah thanks, yeah. I've painfully learnt not to lend/give friends money! It cost me a great friendship. But it wasn't deliberate on their part; I guess I read the GP as saying "Expect your friends to fuck you over, and that's ok/your own fault." I am familiar with the risk of business to friendship, but the GP seemed to be going somewhat further, although it seems ambiguous exactly what they're saying.

> Why?!

"I had some money and a friend. I lent my money to my friend. I lost my money... and my friend."

He's not talking about lending money. He is talking about a friend and business partner cutting you short out of your equity because you happen to be ill.

If your partner is not working, or working less, get the board to grant you a bonus, or an increase in your salary, or a decrease in his salary.

The point holds. When you have a friendship and then you add a business relationship on top, damage to either damages both.

pastor_elm is spot on. This is something most learn the hard way.

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