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"A gay man who fell victim to HIV."

The number of times I have heard of this misfortune is sometime truly astounding. A whole community ravaged by an illness that we don't have a solution to, with the government turning their back to it.

Yup. It set back LGBT rights by decades; there’s a sizable chunk of an entire generation of the community just gone, people who might today have become leaders, activists, and mentors for young LGBT people.

Reagan and the US government not only “turned their back” and failed to act for years, leading to conservative estimates of thousands of new infections that could’ve been prevented; they also also actively interfered: for example, Congress banned the use of federal funds for prevention campaigns that “promoted or encouraged, directly or indirectly, homosexual activities”. So a lot of the prevention campaigns became ineffective fear-based propaganda rather than what was needed: targeted education to vulnerable communities about safer sex and needle drug use practices.

Not long ago a movie "120 beats per min" told the issues faced by HIV and/or gay groups regarding the start of the epidemic, but in France.

> with the government turning their back to it.

Do you also think the government is turning their back to cancer? The reality is if a cure is to come, it will come from private industry (for profit companies).

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