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Certainly, there are different use cases and different expectations. What we call "offline collaboration" can be seen as a special case of the real-time collaboration. In "offline collaboration" you also need to merge changes so you also need the conflict resolution. However, the longer you postpone merging, the better the conflict resolution algorithms need to be because the more conflicts you have. That's one of the reasons why we introduced new, semantic operations.

The other option is so-called change tracking or suggestion mode. That's on our roadmap as well and thanks to the platform we created it's not a big deal now. In fact, if we started with implementing suggestion mode (or "offline collaboration"), we might have ended up with an engine which is not ready for real-time collaboration. But once we have real-time collaboration we can now be quite certain about solving other issues.

Sometimes you cannot avoid postponing merging, e.g. when the user is loses connectivity. It'd be interesting to read more on know how you handle longer periods of being offline, and how conflict resolution is done in that case.

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